Gospel Napkin

Gospel Napkin

Senior pastors: See note below.

Christ followers form authentic relationships, and they love others sacrificially. And, when the Spirit prompts them, they share the simple and powerful gospel.

When that moment arrives, believers need a way to guide the conversation. The Gospel Napkin prepares adults, teenagers, and older children to do just that.

The Gospel Napkin presentation is unique.

  • Rather than primarily focusing on “me”—my happiness, my eternity, etc.—the Gospel Napkin focuses on glorifying God and fulfilling His purposes.
  • Rather than only considering the present moment, the Gospel Napkin includes God’s sweeping story of redemption across the ages.
  • Rather than stopping after the resurrection, the Gospel Napkin also presents the ascended and enthroned King of kings.
  • Rather than requiring a printed tract, the Gospel Napkin recognizes that every school cafeteria, coffee shop, office break room, and home has a napkin (or scrap of paper).
  • Rather than sounding like “church talk,” the Gospel Napkin provides conversation built around stories—His story, my story, and your story.

Consider giving each member of your family, class, or ministry a blank napkin and the Gospel Napkin resource. Invite the others to draw on their napkins, following your example on a whiteboard. As you draw, you simply share the basics of the gospel.

Then you lead others in discussion, practice, and review of the Scripture verses.

Then, in God’s timing, you begin to celebrate those your flock has led to Jesus.

The only lasting change in our communities, nation, and world will come as people—lots of people—become Christ followers. And lots of people WILL become Christ followers when adults, teenagers, and children sacrificially love others and share the gospel. Ask the Spirit for His leadership to know how to move in that direction.

Senior pastors: Can you picture this? You stand in your pulpit on Sunday morning with a large whiteboard behind you. By the close of your sermon, adults, teenagers, and older children know how to share the gospel in a simple way. Prayerfully consider a sermon series to sensitize the hearts of believers to those who are not followers of Christ. On the final Sunday give each person a blank napkin and the Gospel Napkin resource. During the sermon invite worshippers to draw on their napkins, following your example on the large white board on platform. As you draw, you simply share the basics of the gospel.

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